Access 2016 VB Programming Advanced


1 Day

Experience Needed

Access 2016 Visual Basic Programming – Introduction


This course is designed to give the advanced Access user the ability to design applications in Access 2016 using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – the underlying programming language for Microsoft Applications.

Course Content

Gathering Information in a Dialog Box

  • Creating an Application from Scratch
  • Using Dialog Boxes in your applications
  • Creating a Dialog Box to go to a specific record
  • Filtering Data in a Report

Display Custom Menues and Toolbars

  • Using Menus and Toolbars in Your User Interface
  • Creating a Custom Menu Bar
  • Customizing Toolbars
  • Creating a Custom Toolbar for the Subscribers Form
  • Creating Toolbar Buttons to Run Visual Basic Code

Exploring Objects and Collections

  • Introducing the Issues Application
  • Understanding Objects and Collections
  • Referring to Objects and Collections
  • Using the For Each Statements with a Collection
  • Using a Multiple-Selection List Box
  • Working Directly with Database Objects
  • Finding and Changing Data in a Record set
  • Creating a Running an Action Query

Sharing Data with Other Applications

  • Using Automation Objects
  • Sending Commands to Microsoft Word
  • Getting Information from Another Application
  • Working with Folders in Microsoft Outlook

Navigating Through Your Application

  • Making Forms Work Together
  • Displaying Related Records in a Pop- Up Form
  • Opening a Form to Add Related Records

Putting Final Touches in an Application

  • Controlling How your Application Starts
  • Providing a Startup Form for Your Application
  • Completing the Switchboard Form for the Subscription Database
  • Customizing Your Application’s Appearance
  • Replacing the Access Splash Screen
  • Preparing to Distribute Your Application to Users

Customizing Reports with Visual Basic

  • Using Standard Reporting Features
  • Responding to Report Events
  • Customizing Reports by Setting Properties at Run Time
  • Changing Report Layout Programmatically
  • Calculating Totals While a Report is Printing

Connecting to the Web

  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Creating Hyperlink Controls on a Form
  • Storing Hyperlinks in a Table
  • Following Hyperlinks from Visual Basic
  • Modifying Hyperlinks Using Visual Basic
  • Creating Web Pages for your Application
  • Creating a Data Access Page to Review Data
  • Adding Scripts to Data Access Pages

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